Our Story

Our remarkable journey began with a hunger for learning and wishful idea from three Filipino friends, Janice, Karen and Mae. These ladies have already been out and about organizing numerous stock investing seminars. And they discovered, that while people are studying on how to invest, not all of them have the solid financial foundation yet – not enough savings, debts at hand, no proper emergency funds and the list go on. For years the ladies searched for a neutral ground, a place where they could learn anything about finances – information that is easily accessible, unbiased, and of quality – and then tell people about it. It was one afternoon when they thought and finally said, “Why don’t we create our own?” From there, Investhusiasts was born.

Two words into one – Invest and Enthusiasts, Investhusiasts. The name came from their strong belief that one has to invest in one’s self, one’s learning, and one’s goals. You have got to invest in you, since everything will come from you. And moreover, with investing should come enthusiasm. You have got to love it so much you will go beyond!

Therefore, an Investhusiasts is the bold, the driven, and the passionate individual who is ever hungry for learning. An Investhusiasts is the one who creates and finds the means to grow and become better than yesterday. And, anyone can be an Investhusiasts.

It was April of 2015 when Investhusiasts officially became a Non-Profit Filipino Social Club. It was recognized and accredited by the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The club was made possible by the unrelenting support of some friends and other Filipinos who believed that financial education should be accessible and unbiased. Officers were elected and together with the Founders, they created a yearly calendar of events. They were guided with the idea that education should start from the basics. So each month, a major topic on finance was presented tapping club members to speak, inviting other professionals to share their knowledge. Truly, this non-profit club became more than just a Community but a Family. The Club became a source of inspired living and dreams coming true, of spreading positive influence, of helping each other, of role models that make goals achievable. And this was all possible because of the unrelenting support of the officers, the members, the sponsors and donors.

Election of Officers

On the late of November 2016, the founders and current officers were presented with a setback on how to spread knowledge to the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos in the UAE. As a social club, you can only do so much unless you become a company – you get to have a wider reach and you are more flexible to hold events within the country.

While the social club successfully ran for two years, on March of 2017, Investhusiasts finally became a company. Tested by time, the current partners are as passionate, as driven, and as bold. The group’s goal is to spread financial literacy, to maintain the core values, and to uphold the reason as to why Investhusiasts was created in the first place. The group is now comprised of seven people; with different sets of skills and expertise namely Allan, Dianne, Janice, Karen, Mae, Marco and Pablo. Two people also serve as consultants of the group, aiding in steering the company into the right direction namely, Michael and Rick.

It has been a fulfilling journey for all of us, thus far. And as we move forward, we believe that there is more to give and more to create – for the Filipinos, by Filipinos. We believe that the spirit of helping each other be financially aware is one aspect of what “Bayanihan” (the Spirit of Unity and Community) is all about.

Our dream is for all Filipino Expats to be financially empowered to make the right choices and decisions. And we have just begun.

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