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Forex Trading Workshop

26 April 2019 @ 9:00 AM - 27 April 2019 @ 5:00 PM



Now on its third run! We are bringing back Investhusiasts’ Forex Trading Workshop!

Foreign Exchange is widely known as Forex, FX, or the currency market. Currently, it is the world’s largest form of exchange where trillions of dollars are being traded every day. In its simplest terms, the aim of Forex Trading is to “buy the currency low and sell it at a higher price.” Exchange rate is used in trading in the foreign exchange market. Hundreds of thousands of people have made it big through this investment tool. And like some other investments, Forex is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Like all investments, investing in the foreign exchange market involves risk. To truly get as much in Forex, one must be willing to learn the basics, the game-play, and most importantly, one must possess the skill to trade. Here is where Investhusiasts Forex Trading Workshop will help you.

A comprehensive two-day course. Investhusiasts’ Forex Trading Workshop is designed to equip you with the skills on how to trade and earn through Forex by yourself. The aim of this course is to give you confidence in believing in yourself and your trading strategy; to align and sharpen your focus on your trading plan; to help you look at the market objectively and in a straightforward perspective; and for you to have the ability and self-control as you take a loss or enjoy the profits.

On both days, we will cover the basics of Forex and how you can strategically trade by yourself through a platform. We will also explore the other options of inactively getting involved in Forex in an educated and informed standpoint.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Concepts, Terminologies and Fundamentals of Forex
  • Get a grasp of what Exchange Rate is and its role in Forex Trading
  • Identify the Types of Brokers
  • Apply Technical Analysis in your trades
  • Explore and be familiar with MetaTrader 4 – a platform for Forex Trading
  • Have a hands-on experience on actual trading
  • Learn the different trading styles and techniques
  • Have a grasp on money management
  • Have a clear understanding and background on third party fund management

Learn how to trade in Forex confidently! Join us this April! As always, Investhusiasts Subscribers will have a Special Rate upon checkout.

This course is limited to twenty to twenty-five participants only. Make sure you book your slot as soon as possible. Register NOW.