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Stock Smarts Melbourne 2018

9 June 2018 @ 9:00 AM - 11 June 2018 @ 4:00 PM

Mark your calendars and pin June 9-11! These days are going to be insightful, moving, and transformative for you financially!

June is going to be a defining moment to all those who want to take control of their finances and those who want to flourish skillfully as they enter into one of the most lucrative forms of investing. Stock Smarts is finally happening in Melbourne with the most sought-after speaker Marvin Germo.

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Marvin Germo is a stock market trader and investor. He is also the best-selling author of the Stock Smart Series and Where Should You Invest? He is a personal financial consultant, CEO and President of Stock Smarts Learning and Publishing Inc., a brand ambassador, a regular financial resource for both TV and radio, and a highly requested keynote speaker both in the Philippines and Abroad.

More than inspirational, Marvin Germo’s talks and stock investing classes are execution-centered. He believes in building the right foundation and gearing you up with the proper financial skills as you live your life, expose yourself to investments, and achieve your financial goals.

On June 9-11, 2018, Mr. Stock Smarts Marvin Germo will be conducting the following workshops:

COURSES: (Registration Link)

Course 1: Stock Smarts Melbourne Launch: Where Should You Invest?| (9 June 2018 | Saturday | 0900-1600 )
Course 2: Stock Smarts Firm Foundation and Fundamental Analysis | (10 June 2018 | Sunday | 0900-1600)
Course 3: Stock Smarts Core Technical Analysis & Successful Trading Techniques | (11 June 2018 | Monday (Public Holiday) | 0900-1600 )



9 June 2018 SAT 0900-1600
Stock Smarts Melbourne Launch: Where Should You Invest?

Your eyes are set on being financially abundant – but where do you begin? What should be your playbook, your gameplay, your strategy? If you have made it your mission to rise above and achieve those financial winning streaks you’ve been aiming, then this is the course for you!

A moment of firsts for Melbourne. As an introduction to the International Best-Selling Stock Smarts Courses, “Where Should You Invest?” will create for you a game plan as you begin your financial journey to investing.

Marvin Germo believes that the process of realizing your financial dreams begins on wealth creation, eventually wealth multiplication, and finally wealth preservation. And while there are different investment vehicles out there, you have to strategically choose the right investments to fit the phase you are in. Marvin will discuss each of the investment options for you.

On top of these all, you will end the day with his inspiring stories, lessons and experiences that you can take home with you and hopefully take to heart what you can apply in your life too.

10 June 2018 SUN 0900-1600
Stock Smarts Firm Foundation and Fundamental Analysis

What is the Stock Market? What are the things you need to consider before investing? How do you earn? This Stock Smarts course is designed to teach you the basics on how you can start investing in the Stock Market. This will help you create a conviction for yourself on which stocks are worth putting your money on without even listening to all the hype that you can hear everywhere. This course is designed to bring out the investor in you!

Who Should Attend:

  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to learn the Stock Smarts way of making money in the stock market.
  • Those who have no or little background in stock investing and trading.
  • Those who are already trading but want to have a firm foundation on how to profitably earn in the stock market.
  • Those who want to learn which stocks are growing and earning.
  • Traders and investors who want to know which stocks have value and are not overpriced.
  • Newbie or season investors who want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  • For traders and investors who want to avoid over priced stocks.

What can you expect to learn:

  • A practical and engaging training workshop to help you get started in trading and earning in the PSE.
  • Learn Stock Smarts’ very own investing and trading techniques that you can apply wherever you are in life.
  • How you can react as a trader or investors based on the current action in the market.
  • Learn the concepts that you need for trading and investing and how you can directly apply it to your buying and selling.


-Building the Right Foundation in Stock Market Investing
-Stock Market Concepts, Myths and How to Start Investing
-How to Identify Cheap and Expensive Stocks
-How to Pick Good Stocks and Avoid Bad Ones

11 June 2018 MON (Public Holiday) 0900-1600
Stock Smarts Core Technical Analysis & Successful Trading Techniques

Technical analysis is one of the best tools to time buying and selling of stocks to help each investor learn strategic ways to maximize gains and minimize losses. This course focuses on what technical analysis is, trend lines, support and resistance levels, chart patterns, chart oscillators, indicators and so much more. All with the goal to help you find the perfect timing in buying and selling stocks.

Who Should Attend:

  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to learn the basics on to use technical analysis to time buying and selling.
  • Traders and investors who want to know strategic areas on where to buy and when to sell.
  • Newbie or seasoned investors who want to avoid basing trades on rumors and gossip.
  • Employees / Entrepreneurs / Students who want to combine all technical trading tools in buying and selling.
  • Traders and investors who want to have a firm conviction in buying and selling and stocks.


-Basic Technical Analysis & Phases of Market Timing
-Stock Price Drivers & Classification
-Timing: Buying & Selling Stocks
-Basic Chart Patterns & Oscillators

Truly, June 9-11 will be a weekend full of aha-moments, engaging lessons, and transformative discoveries.
So grab these courses and book your seat NOW! Click this link to register.



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1/440 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
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