What is the Investhusiasts all about?

Investhusiasts FZE is an events company founded in March 2017 based in United Arab Emirates. It specializes in creating financial learning events for Filipino Expatriates.

You can read more about us here.

Who is the Investhusiast?

Two words into one – Invest and Enthusiasts. Investhusiasts. The name is a fruition of the strong belief that one has to invest in one’s self, one’s learning, and one’s goals. You have got to invest in you, since everything will come from you. And moreover, with investing should come enthusiasm. You have got to love it so much that you are willing to go beyond!

An Investhusiast is the bold, the driven, and the passionate individual who is ever hungry for learning. An Investhusiast is the one who creates and finds the means to grow and become better than yesterday. And, anyone can be an Investhusiast. Including YOU.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the website and becoming an Investhusiast?

As soon as you become an Investhusiast, you will be given the Investhusiast Collectible Set – a “Courage” Mug and a Pen.

After confirmation of your subscription, you will have your very own Investhusiast Web Account. With this, you will gain access to numerous events at a discounted price.

Apart from the learning sessions, you will also gain benefits and privileges with our partner companies.

Also as an Investhusiast, you will have the privilege to borrow the Company’s Casfhlow 101 Board Game of Robert Kiyosaki for two weeks*.

And lastly, some events will be created exclusively for Investhusiasts too.

*subject to availability

What is the difference between an Investhusiast and a Guest?

A website guest can purchase events and items at a regular price. An Investhusiast, on other hand, gets to enjoy the wide array of events and items at a discounted price. Plus, an Investhusiast gets to have added benefits and privileges.

How do I become an Investhusiast?

To become an Investhusiast is simple. All you have to do is register here, pay the subscription fee of AED 110, and then wait for your account confirmation within 24 hours. Our support team will contact you as soon as the details and fee has been processed. From then on, you will now be able to use your website account and enjoy the benefits of being an Investhusiast.

Can't receive emails from Investhusiasts

If you’re having trouble receiving mails from us, kindly do the following:

  1. Check if the emails are not ending in your SPAM folder
  2. Make sure to add the following email addresses in your address book

Are there any seats left on an event?

Most of our events fill up very quickly so it is advisable to register as soon as possible. Please contact us to check availability.

How do I register to an event?

Registering to our events is easy. Simply login to your account and add the event to your cart. Depending on the type of events, there might be multiple tickets available. Once the event is visible in your cart, you can then proceed and check out to finalize your booking.

How do I make sure that my purchase of the event is now completed?

You will receive an email confirmation stating that you are now registered.

If it’s not in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. Add events@investhusiasts.com to your address book to ensure you receive all emails regarding events.

I purchased an event but didn’t get a notification email, what do I do?

Make sure that the booking process has been completed.

Also check your spam folder. If no luck, just drop us an email us at wecare@investhusiasts.com or use our form

I purchased an event, put it on hold, and now I want to continue complete my purchase, what do I do next?

If you haven’t completed booking, just go to your cart and finish the process.

You can contact us if you need any help.

How can I pay?

Payment will soon be available through bank account and online.

For the meantime, please drop us an email.

What do I need to bring during an event?

On our major events, we will provide the essentials such as handouts and pens.
On our minor events, there is no need to bring anything.

Any changes where you might be required to bring something will be relayed to you via email.

Is there a dress code?

Most people who attend our events feel most comfortable in smart/casual clothing. However, we suggest that you bring a sweater or a scarf in case the room temperature gets colder than your liking.

As a registered attendee, can Investhusiasts help with my accommodation if I am from another state or from another country?

Yes. For our Major Events, we negotiate a special corporate rate with the venues for our delegates. All confirmed and registered delegates will be informed of these rates.

By providing us your travel details and your personal requirements, we will assist you in arranging your accommodation with our venue hotel.

Please email us at wecare@investhusiasts.com for any accommodation queries and assistance.

Do I get a certificate?

As our events are informal, there will be no certificates provided.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Read about our refund policy here.

For more details regarding this, you may contact us here.

Is there a free parking during the event?

Parking Fees may vary with the event date and venue.

On events that fall on Fridays and Public Holidays, parking is free on all public areas.

Most of the time, free parking spaces will be provided in the venue’s basement. This, however, is on a first come, first served basis.

As parking fees may vary, specific details and instructions will be given days prior to the event.  This information will be sent together with the Final Reminder via email.

How can I make a complaint?

We are very sorry if you feel the need to complain. However, please feel free to contact us in strictest confidence at wecare@investhusiasts.com