Welcome, Dear One

“Feel at home and treat it as your home. It was and is meant to be one.”

It is with a joyful heart that we welcome you in your hub, your home.

Finally this engine that we hope will be your source for life and financial inspiration, your access to financial learning, and point of connection to the rest of the passionate Investhusiasts is up and running. It has been three months of restlessness and excitement of what is to come for you… and now we are here.

As you explore and discover every nook and crannies of this new space, you will see in a glance the wide-array of learning opportunities and in one click get to be part of; enjoy the increasing partner companies who are ready to serve you; have a trip to memory lane as you browse through our gallery of events; and get a bag of inspiration and motivation with our articles. These and more. And we promise there will be more.

Hearts have been shared, time has been willingly given, and creative juices have been poured for you. You have an amazing team behind this magical creation and they are no less than remarkable.

So before I close and say my wishes for you, let me shout out my biggest love to “Marco the Remarkable” and the not-really-lost “Allan the Lost Monk” who are the reasons this engine has begun, has finished and continues to run; to Dianne for religiously tinkering with the details; to Karen and Pablo for relentlessly working on increasing collaboration with amazing companies; to Jhaniz for efficiently ensuring that all goes smoothly especially with the numbers.

And to you, Dear One, thank you for being the purpose, the central force, and the motivation of all these. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. This is your space. I wish that you’ll tinker and explore. I wish that you’ll make your voice be heard and your experiences be shared here. Feel free to write those articles and record your stories — and let’s freeze it in time, here.

The rest of the team and I hope that you will love this hub. Feel at home and treat it as your home. It was and is meant to be one.



Your fellow-Investhusiast

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