Am I Mingling with the Right People?

Friends make life enjoyable. Especially for us expats where most of our families are in our mother country, friends help ease our loneliness. Friends bring comfort.

Interestingly though, there is more to friends than simply giving you a great company.

For a fact, friends define you. Yes, they do.

Friends affect your life. They could make or break you. Not just financially but also in other aspects of your life. You are blessed if you are currently in a company of people who push you to become the best version of yourself.

So how will you know if you are mingling with the right people? Answer these questions. Are they a YES or a NO?

1. Is my time spent productively when I am with my friends? Good friends make you grow as a person. They are your support whether it be as a gym buddy, a book-mate, or a finance cheerleader. While getting away for the weekend, a movie marathon, or a food trip could be part of your bonding moments, great friends also encourage you and share productive moments with you. These remarkable friends randomly send you a wonderfully written article on investment, invite you to attend an interesting seminar, or forward you a moving YouTube link on life. Basically, they share life’s growth opportunities with you.

2. Are my life’s decisions being positively influenced by my friends? Spending time with people will influence your thought process. If your friends are into saving and investing, you will somehow be encouraged to do the same. Subconsciously, your friends’ decisions and actions in life will resonate with you. Look within, are you a better version of yourself than yesterday? Do they pull and inspire you to be better? Or are they more on spending and splurging?

3. Has the quality of my life improved with the friends I am mingling with? Studies show that close friendships can help ward off depression and boost your immunity. When you have a trusted confidante and a relentless cheerleader in your life, it will be easier to walk through life. Good friends encourage you to be more in sync with your inner self, to give importance to your priorities in life, and to keep you in track with your goals. When it comes to finances, are you in a better position now than years ago? Do your friends remind you to be responsible with your finances and keep your eye on the goal?

If your answers are YES, congratulations! You have amazing friends worth keeping. If your answers are NO, you might want to be more cautious in choosing who you mingle with.

Being with people who ignites the spark within you, incredibly transforms your life into something more meaningful. So make sure you are with the right people. Life is short, go for quality.


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