One Of The Best Investments You Should Make

“Hello and welcome. Please take a seat at the grown-ups’ table.”

These were the words I felt the Universe was telling me when I arrived in Dubai almost a decade ago. I was 21 years of age and was about to make a living for myself and not depend on my parents.

Fast forward, it has truly been a beautiful journey. I have gotten married and my younger sister has joined me here. I marvel at the thought that a third of my life has actually been meaningfully spent in this country and that this place has become my second home. Also, the opportunity to be in the UAE has enabled me to save and engage into investments.

Being contemplative and risk-averse by nature, I’ve always asked myself, “How do I protect myself? How do I protect those that I love? How do I sustain what I now comfortably enjoy?”

An attempt to answer these questions brought me to this remarkable investment which I will talk about more in detail. If you have already taken this, I am taking my wine glass and raising a toast for you. If you are yet to consider taking one, let me share the following facts that have come to light on me which pushed me to grab this lifeboat – Life Insurance.

Consider Life Insurance as an umbrella you carry with you at all times. When it rains, whenever that may be, and even if it pours hard, you know you’ll keep yourself dry.

In the spirit of honesty, we will never be able tell what will happen in our Life. Accidents might hinder us to work; we might outlive our utility earlier than expected; or the curtain of our own Life might simply drop down for good. But on the upside, while these are unpredictable, we can prepare for all these. Hello adulthood, we are ready.

Here are 8 reasons why Life Insurance is One of the Best Investments You Should Make:

  1. To support you during critical illnesses. Amazingly, a lot of insurances now provide a living benefit. When you come across any critical illness, your insurance will provide you monetary assistance to help you in your medical treatments and your day-to-day expenses.
  2. To cover for the final expenses. Death is probably one of the topics that people are afraid to whisper. Too afraid to tell. But our lifespan ends. The life insurance will cover the funeral and burial expenses.
  3. To replace income. If you are a breadwinner, the insurance will replace your income. With this, your family’s lifestyle is maintained.
  4. To look after children’s expenses. Your child will get to continue his/her education even after you are gone.
  5. To pay off debts. Apart from every day expenses, your insurance can be used to cover monthly obligations.
  6. To pay off estate taxes. If you have existing properties, this will not be easily transferred to your heirs unless they pay an estate tax. The amount depends on the value of your property too. Your insurance will help your family cover this cost.
  7. You may not be covered for it later. The younger and the sooner you get an insurance, the cheaper it is and the more likely it is that you will be covered from any possible illnesses. The older you get, you might experience more health challenges and this could affect your coverage.
  8. Peace of mind. I love this reason the most. With a rightly chosen life insurance, you will get to sleep soundly at night knowing that you, your family and your investments are protected from any radical shifts.

Having to sit at the grown-ups’ table, I realized that it is important that we create our own playbook. We have to design the life that we want to live. As much as we can, we have to decrease the chances of uncertainty. And a Life Insurance is a great tool to help us.

If you are at the stage in your life where you are asking the same questions as I did years ago about protecting yourself and your loved ones plus, “what kind of insurance do I need? How much do I need?”  We, at Investhusiasts, conduct unbiased and high-quality learning sessions on Insurance too.

Feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to go through this learning journey with you.

Cheers to adulthood!


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