Six Saving Tips For The Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again – of parties, gift-giving, and over the weekend getaways with friends and loved ones.

While getting together and expressing one’s love are the highlight in this joyful season, one must also remember how costly it can be. In order to avoid the painful holiday hangover, here are Six Helpful Tips on how you can prepare and set yourself on a stress-free, with-in budget festivity mood.

1. Plan your budget. Set it aside.

As early as now, know how much you will be spending for parties and gifts. Take out your calendar and plot the upcoming parties and allocate an amount per event. Set a specific amount for gift-giving too. If you exceed as you calculate, readjust. Make sure you are within your budget range.

2. Remember the people. Make a list.

Jot down the people who you will be giving gifts to. Whether it is your family members, your closest friends, your colleagues, or someone who you have recently met and has made an impact in your life, write it down. This will ensure you have remembered those who truly matters to you.

3. Get creative. Meaning over price.

Make your gifts thoughtful. It’s not about how expensive your gift is. You may want to bake, cook their favorite dish or go crafty. Nothing beats a personalized present.

4. Pay Cash. You can control it more.

Some people take this time to segregate their allocated budget in envelopes. Through this, they know how much they can only spend and not go beyond. Credit cards can be handy for the holidays too. However, if you ever decide to use this, ensure you remember how much you should only swipe. The goal here is to finish the holidays with an unbruised wallet.

5. Start early. Start now.

Budgeting your time can save you a lot of money. The earlier you think of the gifts to make or buy, the more time you have to look and prepare for it. Most prices jack up before Christmas and New Year. To avoid paying for overpriced items, start preparing now. You can eye for sales and discounted goods and stack them up for gift-giving too.

6. Remember the reason. It’s all about gratefulness.

See the value of the intangibles. Amidst the holiday rush and the pressure of finding the perfect present, remember that the holiday season is about being grateful of all the blessings you have so been generously given; it’s about ensuring you spend quality time with your loved ones be it in person or via skype; and taking the opportunity to express how you appreciate the significant people in your life.

You could be flying home for the holidays or staying abroad. Wherever you may be, take the opportunity to control your finances. By doing this, you ensure the happiest, stress-free post-season too.

From Investhusiasts to you, may your season be merry and bright!

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