Five&Ten: Meet Bennelyn

A wife. A mother. An office manager.
Above all, Bennelyn is a sensational woman who moves all hearts and I’ll tell you why.

Bennelyn with her husband and two kids.

Her gracefulness when she talks to you, her sincere desire to share, and her passion to improve is contagious. Bennelyn is resolute on growing more and becoming rich, and all of it comes from her inner desire to be more and do more for others. Selfless. That is the perfect word to best describe this amazing Investhusiast.

Born and raised in Valenzuela, Philippines, Bennelyn has her goals and plans laid out. Right now, she is continuing to learn as much as she can on making her financial foundation stronger and getting to know deeper the different kinds of investments she can get into. And she gladly shares why.  “The more wealth I have, the more blessing I can give to others,” Ben says.

And talk about becoming a blessing to all, she wants to be ready to provide financial assistance to her loved ones when the unexpected happens such as an illness; she wants to be a tool for others who wish to start a small business by helping them with their funds; she wants to be a joy for her kids come old age where she will not depend on them for monetary support; and she wants to be the voice and the hand of our Heavenly Father to impact the lives of others.

There is no doubt Ben will reach higher heights. Her strong faith and her definite goals keep her going. One money tip from her is: We don’t need to deprive ourselves in order to save. All we need to do is not be wasteful. Maging MASINOP indi KURIPOT.”

Let’s get to know Bennelyn a little deeper.

 Five Facts

1. Complete Name
– Bennelyn Yao

2. Nick Name
– Ben

3. Number of Years in the UAE
– 14 years

4. Passion
– Share financial literacy and learn different ways to  invest

5. Favorite Quotation
“You cannot change the world but the change can start within you.”

Ten-Dirham Question

If you have only Ten Dirhams in your wallet, what will you do with it?
“Hmmm… 10 dhs. since nasa pinas me bibili me ng slice mocha cake. Kidding aside.. I will try to multiply the money by selling homemade Chili and Garlic Oil paste.”

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