Five&Ten: Meet Bryan

If you’ve been into any of the Investhusiasts Events, you must have notice that is a common occurrence to meet inspiring people. Yes, you’ll find that a lot of them are purpose-driven, and yes, they are contagious – just like the man in our Investhusiasts Five and Ten now.

He is definitely a millennial – one among the new breed of passionate and determined men and women who is in his early 30s. Raised in Nueva Ecija, this Aviation Professional’s personal mission transcends beyond the aircrafts he has been meticulously and efficiently looking after for years.

Bryan is on a personal quest on becoming a man who continuously blesses other people through what he is blessed with. On a personal capacity, he is preparing himself for the family that he will soon build. On a social capacity, he desires to become an Entrepreneur who in turn will provide a living to the people who, due to life circumstances, were not able to have a formal education.

No wonder, Bryan likes attending financial seminars and reading books on development. He hopes that through the financial knowledge that he has acquired and the meaningful efforts he is exerting to further grow, it will soon provide him the financial freedom where he can have more time with his future family and his goals, and less time at work.

Most, if not all of us, have financial dreams. And as we share this dream and work towards it, may the personal stories push us more to keep on going.

Let us get more inspired and know Bryan a little bit better.

Five Facts

  1. Complete Name
    Bryan Clemente Pagdato
  1. Nickname
  1. Number of Years in the UAE
    7 fruitful years
  1. Passion
    Investing in Agricultural Sector and Real Estate is my passion, I want to provide a quality living for my future family and to give a hand to those people that are need.
  1. Favorite Quotation
    The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5 ESV)

Ten-Dirham Question

If you have only Ten Dirhams in your wallet, what will you do with it?
“I’ll be putting my 10 dirhams into an investment vehicle to make it grow.”

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