Five&Ten: Meet Rod

He could might as well be a chef. His beef broccoli is a big hit!

He is a master of words and a possessor of a voice that sounds like a DJ that one would normally hear in the nightly radio programs giving advices about love. Rod’s voice is so distinct you would know it’s him by just hearing him.

The fourth in the family to be named Rodolfo, he was born in General Santos, grew up in Davao and then migrated to Manila. Almost three years ago, he arrived here in Dubai and has been a Resource Consultant ever since.

Rod gives off an impression as a man with a calm demeanor, quiet and tactful.

And over the years, we have gladly seen the deeper side of this amazing Investhusiast. For one, he loves to share his knowledge be it about finance, cooking or about life. And he does so with precise and easy to grasp explanations. Rod has emceed several of our events and has been a speaker as well. Two, he is very supportive to the worthy causes of Investhusiasts. He will always make time and willingly extend his efforts to volunteer and take part of any events. And three, Rod is a friend one can count on. Perhaps it is the best thing about this man. He goes for quality friendships more than quantity. Rest assured, once you are a friend, he will be with you come what may.

Rod’s great passion for learning and spreading financial literacy is rooted from his family experience. He wants to change the narrative of handling money.

Gone are the days where you make one step forward and then take two steps back.

Rod aims to create a sustainable financial standing for himself and the family that he will be creating in the near future.

A man who is a pride of Investhusiasts, let’s get to know Rod a little more.

Five Facts

1. Complete Name
– Rodolfo Fernandez IV

2. Nick Name:
– Rod

3. Number of Years in the UAE:
– 2 years and 9 months

4. Passion:
– Investing, Financial Literacy, Cats and Dogs, Anime

5. Favorite Quotation:
– “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

Ten-Dirham Question

If you have only Ten Dirhams in your wallet, what will you do with it?
“Go to a cafeteria to buy Avocado/Mango juice or 2 Shawarma’s for lunch/dinner.”


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