Five&Ten: Meet Mike

One of Investhusiasts’ sources of inspiration is Michael Gaspar. Most would know him as one of our Stock Investing speakers. He slays the topic with his directness and his ability to translate difficult concepts into easy ones where a first grader could grasp it just like that.

Mike has had an impact to Investhusiasts way beyond his sharing of his stock investing knowledge. He was Investhusiasts’ Vice-President for Membership at one point. He was active in brainstorming and developing new learning opportunities. Even until now, he continues to be a meaningful voice giving us sound advices.

No other I ever saw went so far up up up as Mike.

We met him when he was single and we saw how he got engaged and finally get married to the love of his life. With his discipline of saving and proper investing, he has multiplied his portfolio in a few years. On top of that, he has progressed in his career as a civil/structural engineer here in Dubai.

Talk about track record, Mike has a great one for his is no untested spirit, no phony gallantry attached. With his life, as his dedication to the growth of Investhusiasts, he gives us love and inspiration. Let’s get to know Mike a little more.

Five Facts

1. Complete Name
– Michael S. Gaspar

2. Nickname:
– Mike, Khel, Miki, Gaspé

3.Number of years in the UAE
– 5.5years

4. Passion:
– Structural Design / Animals-Agriculture / Investments

5. Favorite Financial Quote:
– “Keep your dreams bigger than your memories”

Ten-Dirham Question

If you have 10dirhams, what will u do with it?

I’ll go to “my friend” in the store to get “pasaload” and call my wives and parents…. I mean wife… my only wife… “I love my wife” haha!

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