Subscriber Perks

Annual BenefitsValueGuestSubscriber
Investhusiasts Subscription Welcome Kit (Investhusiasts collectible mug & pen)
Investhusiasts Subscription Card to access discounts in events, company partners in food, health, entertainment sectorsAED 100
First-To-Know privilege on upcoming events, discounts, etc.
Own personal account in the Investhusiasts Website
Discounts in Major Events such as Stock Smarts UAE (350AED+)Over 20%
Discounts in Minor EventsOver 10%
Priority registration to the Project Noah Free Events
Ability to transfer discounts to family and friendsOver 10%
Personal discount at The Medical City in the UAE. Plus to two of your family members in the Philippines20% self & 5% to family
Up to 20% discounts from our partner establishments (see for the complete list)20%
Access to Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Board GameWorth AED200
TOTAL BENEFIT VALUE PER YEARNoneMore than AED1500 worth of discounts